Family Advisory – So that families not only have a history but also a future together

Your most important asset is your family. Your greatest asset is your family members. For this reason, my work begins with the family. Getting to know the family, understanding their most important interests, and effectively analyzing their potential are at the heart of my work.


The heart of success – or the cause of all evil

In every family lies a world of stories, emotions, and relationships. But sometimes words don’t find their way, misunderstandings arise and harmony falters. For business families, communication is not just a strategy, it is at the heart of success. 

However, the tension between family and business can also lead to irritations, personal injuries, and inter-family conflicts. Communication plays the central role here. 

I know from my own experience the challenges of communication in business families. Thanks to proven communication techniques, active listening, empathy development and effective non-verbal communication, all family members succeed in articulating their wishes and needs. I can support you in strengthening the bonds that unite you and create a family atmosphere in which everyone feels heard, valued, and understood. Because the first and most important conversation of our lives begins in the family.

Conflict resolution

Danger for the family – and the business

Families who own a business, and families linked by financial wealth, often need help in managing conflicts between family values (e.g. their obligations as parents) and business or commercial values (e.g. their role as CEO). Conflict is a natural aspect of the complexity of an entrepreneurial family system.

I understand the complexity of family ties, the demands of a family business and the challenges that come with change, stress, and generational differences. Therefore, my approach provides a safe, neutral space where each family member is encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or retribution. 

Contact me to find out how I can help you build bridges and restore family harmony. Because conflicts not only endanger the family, but also the business.

Wealth and finances

Wealth grows with wisdom: secure your family, shape the future.

Securing your family’s financial future is about more than just numbers – it’s about creating a stable foundation for your loved ones’ dreams, hopes and ambitions. It is important to bear in mind that every family has its own history, goals, and challenges. 

In terms of working out family governance, wealth plays a central role. Be it in preserving or increasing family wealth, be it in planning the transfer of wealth to future generations; always the common values and goals of the family have to be taken into account while supporting individual interests and ambitions.

When it comes to wealth, conflicts can easily arise. I support you in creating conflict resolution mechanisms to resolve disagreements over assets or management.

Family leadership and succession planning

Think in generations!

Families need leaders, family champions and family elders. Family leadership should be separate and distinct from business leadership. Family leadership often requires different skills and qualities. Family leadership must provide the family with a clear vision for the future success of the family and the individual family members.

The future of any business family lies in the strength of its succession planning. The handover from generation to generation is not only a passing on of responsibilities, but also of dreams, traditions, and a legacy. This refers not only to the active family business, but to the family. 

Contact me to lay the foundation for a future based on shared successes, united families and thriving businesses. Because the true greatness of an entrepreneurial family is shown in the strength of its continuation.

Family Governance

Your family’s compass in the world of wealth.

Every family is unique with its own history, dynamics, and aspirations. That’s why my approach to family governance is holistic, proactive and, above all, personal. I help you establish robust structures and processes that encompass decision-making, wealth management, conflict resolution and succession planning. My goal is not only to ensure the growth and preservation of your wealth, but also to promote family harmony and unity.

Through transparent communication, strategic planning, and ongoing education, I help your family develop and maintain a shared vision that transcends financial considerations. Together, we prepare future generations to take on leadership roles, promote social responsibility and ensure your legacy is based on solid core values and principles.

Contact me to learn how my family governance services can help you create a sustainable legacy of success, stability, and prosperity for generations.

 I’m here for you. Let’s get in touch.

I’m here for you. 
Let’s get in touch.