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Your family is your greatest asset

The Family Mind concept is presented in the book “Family Mind: Overcoming the Three-Generation Myth”. It offers a deep insight into the complexities and dynamics of family businesses, especially in the context of generational change. It is divided into five parts covering different aspects of family business leadership and management.

Part I: The founding generation – origins and motivations

On the trail of the beginnings

In this first part of the book “Family Mind: Overcoming the Three-Generation Myth”, readers are taken on a fascinating journey into the world of the founding generation of family businesses. It not only sheds light on the beginnings of these companies, but also on the original motivations behind their founding.

We delve deep into the world of the founding generation by examining in detail the myth and reality surrounding this generation. It will shed light on how this generation laid a solid foundation for the success of future generations through their strong values and tireless dedication.

A particular focus is placed on the importance of traditional family wealth. These assets not only serve as a financial foundation, but also act as a crucial building block for the future prosperity and continuity of the company. By combining historical analysis and contemporary insights, this section offers a comprehensive perspective on the dynamics and challenges that shaped the founding generation.

Part II: The next generations – challenges and transitions

Navigating the generational change

In the second part of the book “Family Mind: Overcoming the Three-Generation Myth”, I address the complex challenges that family businesses face in the next generation phase. This section is crucial for understanding the continuous evolution that family businesses must undergo.

I look at the development of the family business system and how the transition from one generation to the next takes place. I also provide in-depth insights into the mechanisms and strategies needed to successfully manage this transition while preserving the core values of the business.

This section also focuses on the development of family wealth. It examines how these assets must adapt to the constantly changing market and family structures in order to ensure long-term survival and success. The adaptability of a family business to new circumstances and challenges is a key element for its continued existence over generations.

Part III: A new understanding of the family – introduction of the “family shift”

The beginning of a new era

In the third part of the book “Family Mind: Overcoming the Three-Generation Myth”, readers are introduced to a new era for family businesses. This chapter focuses on the concept of the “new family mind”, marking a turning point in the way family businesses are run and perceived.

I coin the term “family shift” to describe the need for a mental transformation within family businesses. It explains how this shift can lead to a “family mind” – a mindset that is critical to the long-term survival and success of the family business. This mental transformation is emphasized as key to understanding and adapting to ever-changing market conditions and family structures.

A central theme of this section is to encourage readers not to be afraid of change and to be proactive in meeting the challenges of the market. It emphasizes the importance of adaptability and openness to new ideas and approaches to ensure the longevity and success of family businesses.

Part IV: Creating structures – strengthening the foundation

Laying the foundations for the future

In the fourth part of the book “Family Mind: Overcoming the Three-Generation Myth”, we look at the central importance of solid structures and systems in family businesses. This chapter emphasizes how crucial it is to lay a firm foundation for the stability and long-term success of the company.

Readers will gain deep insights into topics such as family unification, creating a family constitution and effective wealth management. These aspects are crucial for harmonizing family and business interests and play a central role in the sustainable development of family businesses.

The importance of clear guidelines and structures is emphasized in order to avoid potential conflicts and ensure successful succession planning. It also shows how well-defined structures and processes can help to overcome challenges effectively and enable a harmonious handover from one generation to the next.

Part V: Family Mind – From theory to practice

Applying the concepts

The fifth and final part of the book “Family Mind: Overcoming the Three-Generation Myth” focuses on the practical application of the ideas and concepts discussed above. This section makes the theory tangible and shows how the strategies discussed in the previous chapters can be applied in day-to-day life.

A central element of this section is the “Family Mind Family Workshop”. This comprehensive approach is designed to help families in family businesses better understand and strengthen their internal structures, goals and relationships. The workshop provides practical tools and methods to support family members in their roles within the business and promote more effective communication and collaboration.

Readers are guided step-by-step through the process from the initial idea to the actual implementation of these concepts. It provides practical guidance and examples that illustrate how family businesses can successfully apply the methods presented.

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