Mediation brings parties together for further mutual progress.

Mediation in and for companies
Paving the way for a peaceful future
Family business
Mediation solves conflicts before they escalate
Startups and young companies
Non-profit organizations

Mediation in and for companies

Consensus leads to solutions that work at every level.

Mediation is neither counseling nor therapy. Rather, it is a method by which two parties can resolve their conflict out of court – in a voluntary, structured and moderated process. Together, they try to work out solutions and measures to settle the conflict within the company. With the goal of finding a consensus instead of a compromise. As a mediator I am happy to help you in this process.

Paving the way for a peaceful future.

At the heart of mediation is the goal of finding a good solution for both sides, keeping costs down and enabling future cooperation. That is why mediation can solve internal company disagreements just as well as conflicts between two companies.

As a mediator, I take on the role of an impartial and neutral discussion leader. Both parties are supported in recognizing their own interests and motivations and at the same time in better understanding the position of the other side. As an experienced entrepreneur and mediator, I offer such conflict solutions without forgetting the interests of the company in finding a solution.

Family business

Emotions are welcome, but they should not disturb the business.

A conflict in a family business or in an entrepreneurial family is particularly challenging. The dispute quickly puts a strain on the entire family unit. In addition, family conflicts quickly develop a high dynamic and can become expensive in addition to emotional burdens.

When it comes to succession and replacement processes, questions of valuation or inheritance, legitimate factual problems become existential relationship crises. This is because family businesses often represent a life’s work, which makes it difficult to communicate objectively within a family.

Mediation solves conflicts before they escalate.

Before too much china is broken and the way back is blocked, mediation can also solve conflicts in families. As a family business owner for many years, I am very familiar with the tension between business and family. I know how important the support of a neutral person can be in identifying and articulating the interests and needs of the individual parties.

Startups and young companies

Common paths are found when you look for them together.

As highly dynamic complexes, startups and young companies are often still looking for the right structures and processes. This is one of the reasons why founders and leaders often experience conflicts that pose existential problems for the young company.

Especially in the start-up phase, it makes sense to delineate the interests, identify the individual roles and goals, and thus minimize the risk of internal conflicts. This point is especially important if the company was founded with the life partner or the best friend.

Thanks to extensive experience in successful and less successful company formations, I can help you to avoid dangers and to work out the basis for long-term cooperation.

Non-profit organizations

If everyone is involved, no one feels left out.

Even non-profit organizations (NPO) such as associations, foundations or charitable institutions can hardly avoid conflicts. In companies with clear structures and hierarchies, supervisors or management often mediate conflicts. This is not easy with volunteers.
To make matters worse, especially in NPOs, conflicts have the potential to block the organization as a whole, cause lasting damage to its reputation, and even fundamentally jeopardize its existence.

Thanks to years of experience in non-profit organizations, I am familiar with this area of tension. As a mediator, I can help the conflicting parties to find each other again, to refocus the organization on its goals, and to allow everyone to contribute their own interests and motivations.

 I’m here for you. Let’s get in touch.

I’m here for you. 
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