Address this conflict directly. Contact the superior or suggest an independent conflict manager.

Conflict costs can be calculated quite well in the meantime. A distinction is made between economic costs (litigation costs, lost orders, personnel costs, etc.) and qualitative costs (loss of quality of life and respect, etc.). As a rule, conflict costs are massively underestimated.

Yes. In case of a conflict with a customer, mediation leads to a better understanding and helps to solve problems together. In this way, further cooperation can also be ensured.

As a rule, yes. Mediation is designed to avoid a costly lawsuit with an unclear outcome. In addition, mediation is limited in time, so that the conflict does not drag on unnecessarily.

No. Mediation is a voluntary process. But it is worth considering whether or not to engage in it, because you can also cancel a mediation at any time.

No. First, you can stop mediation at any time. Second, there is always the possibility of coming to an even better solution together.

No. Mediation helps the conflicting parties to find a joint solution. Sometimes there is no such thing, but often you come very close.

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I’m here for you. 
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