The advantages of the mediation process

In contrast to the American legal system, a conflict in our country that is settled by means of legal proceedings costs a lot of money from the very first minute. In addition, it usually takes a long time to determine a “winner” and a “loser”. And then?

There are many reasons in favor of mediation:

Time saving
A solution with the help of mediation is often reached much more quickly than in a time-consuming court case, which may go through several instances and can drag on for years.

Cost savings
The costs of mediation are comparatively low, as they are based on the mediator’s hourly rate and not on the amount in dispute.

Individual and lasting solution
The parties to the conflict talk directly to each other and settle the matter among themselves. Thus, the chance for a fair and lasting solution is much greater.

Future-oriented solution
While courts deal with past events, mediation also regulates future cooperation. Often, ideas are even developed during the mediation process that go beyond the so-called WIN-WIN situation.

Respectful interaction
In mediation, negotiations are fair and everyone is given time to present their views, thoughts and interests. As a rule, mediation also improves communication for the future.

Trust is often in short supply in conflicts. The mediation process guarantees absolute confidentiality. Topics, facts and results addressed during mediation are only disclosed to the parties involved. Nothing is disclosed to the outside world, e.g. to the press or to the company. The parties guarantee this in a legally binding contract.

The result
Mediation offers the possibility to deal with conflicts in a solution-oriented and creative way. This is of particular importance when it is still necessary to deal with each other constructively after the proceedings, such as in employment relationships, with business partners or in family businesses.

What is always true is that the solutions found must and will always be satisfactory for both sides.
Maybe this is not yet imaginable for you today but give mediation a chance.